Crossroads Automotive Repair

Crossroads Automotive Repair in Amarillo, Tx | HBB Website Solutions

We designed and created a new website from scratch for Crossroads Automotive Repair with very little input from the owner as he said, “I don’t know what to put where, but I trust you to handle it,” so handle it we did. Due to a long stint in the automotive repair industry, we were able […]

Anzco Industrial, LLC

Anzco Industrial in Amarillo, Tx | HBB Website Solutions

Anzco Industrial is a welding and metal fabrication shop based in Amarillo, Tx. This website was a migration and refresh from a previous local website agency because the old agency was nickel and diming the owner to death. We gave them more than what they had, and more than what they asked for and, according […]

Pro Auto Spas, LLC

Pro Auto Spas in Amarillo, Tx | HBB Website Solutions

We created a brand new website for the premier auto detail shop in Amarillo, Tx. Designed and added all content to the website after a 3-hour conversation with the client to determine what they wanted, what their goals were, and an overview of how they wanted their website to look. Additionally, we have done the […]

Mat’s Entertainment

Mat's Entertainment in St. Louis, Mo | HBB Website Solutions

Mat’s Entertainment is a St. Louis, Mo-based movie critic. His website was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing all the latest entertainment news reviews, columns, and fresh takes on the world of pop culture. Originally, the website was created on a Windows server as a BlogEngine platform. Mat wanted it moved to a […]

AP Handyman Services

AP Maintenance & Handyman Services in Amarillo, Tx | HBB Website Solutions

AP Handyman Services is a local handyman and maintenance service. They take care of all kinds of home repair and maintenance services in about a 150-mile radius of Amarillo where they are based. They’ve been in business for a couple of years and this was their first website. The owner is so busy now that […]

HBB Rides

HBB Rides Blog | HBB Website Solutions

HBB Rides is a personal website/blog designed to showcase our various motorcycle, racing, and Off-road Vehicle adventures. It is a blog and contains many photos that we took or found interesting. I built this for myself and continually modify and play with it as time allows.

Good News Review

Good News Review | HBB Website Solutions

This is a Christian Blog website that I built for a friend of the family, upon which she posts Daily Devotionals & Verses of the Day, along with other Christian material and resources.

Coronado Pet Shoppe

Coronado Pet Shoppe in Amarillo, Tx | HBB Website Solutions

Coronado Pet Shoppe is a pet grooming and accessories shop in Amarillo, Tx. This site was designed and developed for an (at the time) friend who owns the shop. She already owned her domain but did not have access to the previous owner’s website. After designing and developing the website, and repointing the domain to […]

Dino’s Car Care Center

Dino's Car Care Center in Amarillo, Tx | HBB Website Solutions

Designed and created this automotive repair shop website for a local business in Amarillo, Tx. This website had a multitude of pages for Contact, Location, and all the Services the shop performed, plus a gallery of customers and their vehicles.